Heritage Tree and Land is an owner operated tree and landscape service company serving the Seattle area that offers tree services including tree pruning, tree removal, windsail reduction, view enhancement, and other tree services. Additionally, we provide landscape services including site assessment, specimen selection, large tree moving, and landscape creation. Our Services

About Us

Heritage Tree and Land offers tree services such as pruning and removal throughout western Washington including Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, North Bend, and surrounding areas.

At Heritage Tree and Land we understand that your trees are a very valuable asset to your property and your community. Contact us for free site inspection.

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What We Do

Tree Pruning

Our Arborists are skilled at making sound decisions when selectively removing branches during the thinning of your trees. We recommend thinning cuts throughout the crown of your trees to remove dead branches, increase wind flow through the tops, and the removal of select less productive limbs.

The benefit is a healthier tree that is up to the strain that our northwest weather can give, better light, and a better fit for your property. more →

Windsail Reduction

During our Northwest winters your tall conifers act a large sails high above your home. We have pioneered a method for reducing the windsheer while enhancing the lower beauty of your conifers.

We meticulously prune with handsaw and polesaw the top third of your tree where the windsheer effect is greatest. more →

End Weight Reduction

We recognize that there is only one real solution to loosing limbs over your house or parking area. This is the use of end weight reduction.

Our highly skilled climbers select the necessary limbs that are well equipped to be shortened which are often the lower and larger limbs with lots of side branches. more →

Hazard Tree Removal

This is the process of removing large trees in hard to reach locations, close to structures, and confine by the utility service of modern living.

We always go the extra mile to ensure the survival of your cherished landscape plants and trees and work to remove your hazard tree as fast and cleanly as possible. more →

Deadwood Removal

By removing the dead branches within the canopy of your trees we are able to improve the trees health, improve light under the tree, and show off the trees inner beauty.

Removing the dead branches also protects against disease, insect infestation, long term decay, fire hazard, and at the same time greatly reduced wind fall cleanup. more →

View Enhancement

This is the process of pruning by selectively removing branches from your trees for view enhancement while maintaining the overall health and growth structure of the tree. >more →

Site Assessment

During a site assessment, we will analyze various aspects of a landscapes health, safety and cosmetics. This includes (but not limited to) foliage, tree health, land utilization. >more →

Specimen Selection

We take pride in selecting the appropriate specimen for your landscaping needs. While species and location are important, we also take into consider other factors such as how the plants will respond to the immediate environment, availablity and adaptability of the specimen, and how susectible the plant is to disease. >more →

Large Tree Moving

Heritage Tree and Land is the pacific northwest tree moving expert. Our experience, capabilities, and exceptional service differentiates Heritage Tree and Land from the rest. No tree is too big or small to be relocated. >more →

Landscape Creation

We specialize in the design and installation of landscape environments that are custom to each location. By incorporating the client's ideas with our design, horticultural, and construction expertise, we create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces for people to enjoy. >more →

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